Wildlife management and conservation is something that John puts a lot of time and effort into to preserve and improve the natural habitats of insects and animals in wide open spaces. Already working with many schools in the area, John will help you to plan, build and maintain a beautiful natural environment so children can enjoy and most of all learn about the natural world around them. One of John’s most popular works of art, are his Insect Hotels, a man-made structure, made from natural materials, to encourage a wide variety of insects and small animals and provide them with nesting facilities.

Sensitive management of open habitats introduces greater habitat diversity. This encourages a larger range of species, adding diversity and additional interest for all types of recreation and sporting activities. Many species make regular use of the edge habitats for feeding due to higher herb layer productivity and larger invertebrate populations. A greater number of species inhabit the first ten metres of any woodland edge or ride edge than inhabit the remainder of the woodland.

Johnny Sykes

Johnny has supported our school for the past 4 years.  His knowledge of the outdoors, including wildlife, plants and environmental issues is second to none!

He has helped us with many projects, building and enhancing our school pond, developing dens and wildlife areas are just a few examples of how he has worked with children and staff to enhance our school site.

Our children enjoy working with him and undertaking the exciting projects he has planned for them.  He has worked with children of all ages, imparting his knowledge and encouraging and fostering their interest in the outdoors.

Making a mini-beast hotel, leading an activity on “Green Day” and developing a garden area for two classes at our school have been recent projects.  Johnny takes care to include the views of children and works with them to incorporate their ideas into his work.  The end results have been super!

Mrs Elaine Bradley
Slaithwaite C.E J.I School
Holme Lane