molesOur well established Mole Patrol Service offers a quick and easy humane method of control using a series of traditional mole traps. We carry full public liability insurance and have a proven track record for catching moles and come highly recommended by our existing customers.

Moles are a pest because of the damage they do to lawns, gardens, fairways, greens and sports grounds as they dig their tunnels.

Their natural habitat is woodland but they can quickly establish themselves in residential areas and cause significant damage.

It is unlikely that you will see moles as they rarely come above ground, but take care if you trap a live mole as they have very sharp teeth and will bite.

Mole tunnels are up to 40cm underground and cannot be seen, but mole hills are caused by the soil being cleared as the mole digs. Moles will line areas of tunnel with grass and leaves to create nests.