Following an infestation, Colne Valley Pest Control can then help you with installing prevention materials that will deter rodents and other pests from returning to your property or place of work. By installing simple and effective rodent and insect proof air vents and blocking ingress points and removing nesting opportunities, you can be sure that it pests will be deterred safely and humanely and without risk to children or domestic pets. John will survey your property, free of charge and talk to you about your options, give advice and/or fit these for you, for your peace of mind.

If your pest problem is of the flying variety, then bird spikes are an effective way to prevent birds from settling on your property, preventing nuisance, fouling and other damage. John can fit plastic or metal spikes to gutters, sills and other perching and roosting sites. These are a cost-effective, harmless and un-intrusive solution to bird problems.